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Find a full range of MMA, Boxing, & Muay Thai classes for everyone, from beginners to advanced fighters. Start training with expert coaches certified in MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, Boxing, and Muay Thai in Dubai. Made by real fighters for fighters!

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Discover the art of Muay Thai, mastering the ancient Mixed Martial Arts techniques that blend power and precision at our specialized Muay Thai Gym in Dubai.

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Fitness at Blegend Gym

Come and use our gym! We have all the stuff you need to get in shape. There are lots of machines for cardio, weights for building muscles, and space for stretching.

Flexible Options: You can choose how long you want to be a member. We have options for short-term or long-term memberships, whatever suits you best.

Best Muay Thai Classes in Dubai

Muay Thai is a combat sport that utilizes punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. It’s not just about brute force, though. Muay Thai training emphasizes technique, precision, and timing, making it a great workout for people of all fitness levels.

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Ladies Muay Thai Kickboxing

Ladies Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Our ladies-only Muay Thai and Kickboxing classes focus on providing you with a solid foundation in the essential techniques of these dynamic martial arts.

Muay Thai & Boxing Classes For Kids

Encourage your kids discipline, physical and mental strength with our boxing classes for kids in Dubai! At Blegend Gym, the safety and well-being of your child is their top priority. Our experienced and certified coaches are dedicated to creating a safe and encouraging environment where kids can learn and grow.

Blegend Gym - Muay Thai & Boxing, MMA Gym, Dubai, Media City.
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Boxing Classes in Dubai

Blegend Gym goes beyond just teaching you how to throw a punch. We focus on developing well-rounded boxers by incorporating boxing footwork, punching techniques, boxing drills, speed and power. Your also can test your skills at our regularly organized Boxing and Muay Thai fights.

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a dynamic and multi-faceted combat sport that blends the best of striking and grappling disciplines like boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

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our Blegend Members have access to:


Discover the art of Muay Thai, mastering the ancient techniques that blend power and precision.


Sculpt your body and enhance your endurance through our fitness programs, tailored to meet your goals.


Master the art of the sweet science with our Boxing programs, where discipline and technique combine


Experience the thrill of MMA in Dubai, with world-class instructors shaping your journey.


Surround yourself with support and
enjoy the benefits of
training Muay Thai!


Train with Champions!

Coach Don

Muay Thai, Adults, Kids, Couples

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Muay Thai, Fitness, Adults

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Muay Thai, Fitness, Adults

coach elchibek

Boxing, Wrestling, Adults, Kids, Couples

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MMA, Boxing, Adults, Kids, Couples

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Muay Thai? – The Full guide 2024

If you are looking to embark on the journey to Learn Muay Thai, you should know already it can be usually demanding at the beginning but worth it. This striking martial art, known for its rigor and depth, often raises the question: “How long does it take to master muay thai?” The answer varies widely…

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