Blegend Gym Terms and Conditions

  1. Private Classes Package:
    • Private classes have an expiration date of 6 months from the date of purchase.
    • Cancellation of a private class is not permitted within 6 working hours of the scheduled time; otherwise, the class will be deducted.
  2. Liabilities:
    • Injuries incurred during gym activities are the sole responsibility of the individual, and Blegend Gym shall not be held liable for any such incidents.
  3. Membership Duration:
    • Membership begins on the date of purchase and concludes on the same date of the following month.
  4. Monthly Membership Fee:
    • The monthly membership fee is due in full, upfront, and in advance each month.
    • No partial refund will be issued unless under specific cancellation terms.
    • The Monthly Recurring Payment is likely to be on the same date each month, and any changes are at the sole discretion of Blegend Gym.
  5. Freezing Membership:
    • Members are entitled to freeze their membership for a maximum total of 3 months within a calendar year, subject to approval by Blegend Gym. Requests for a freeze due to short-term injuries or pre-planned travel must be communicated in advance to Blegend Gym staff. Documentation, such as proof of travel or a doctor’s report, may be required.
    • During the freeze period, a Freeze Fee of AED 50 will be charged per month.
  6. Behavioral Standards:
    • Threatening, intimidating, or abusive behavior towards staff or other members will not be tolerated.
    • Such incidents may lead to immediate suspension of membership, and all future payments will be collected immediately.
  7. Personal Hygiene:
    • Good personal hygiene is mandatory for all members.
    • Any member causing offense will be asked to remedy the issue or may be asked to leave the gym, with membership cancellation at the discretion of Blegend Gym management.
  8. Attire and Age Restrictions:
    • Proper gym attire is required for all members.
    • Members must be between 6 and 15 years of age and under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian or a Blegend Personal Trainer. Those aged 16 or above have individual access permitted.
  9. Commencement and Approval:
    • This agreement begins upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions during the web sign-up process.
    • All new memberships are subject to management approval, and the management reserves the right to reject any membership application at their absolute discretion.
  10. Health and Usage Restrictions:
    • Members warrant good health and affirm their capability to engage in exercise without detriment to their health or well-being.
    • Members shall not use the gym facilities during contagious illnesses or any condition that may endanger others.
  11. Governing Law:
    • The Laws of the United Arab Emirates govern these Terms and Conditions, and any disputes shall be heard by a court of competent jurisdiction in the U.A.E.