Boxing is all about constantly honing your punches. Many students having learnt the basics, are unable to move to the next level because they lack the fundamental skills that open the door to a higher level of technical training. Having perfectly practised a basic set of punches, you can safely move on to learning advanced techniques.

Here are some punching tips for those who want to improve their punching power

  1. Learn to relax. Many people think that being in boxing school is a constant strain. But this is not true, because being in a relaxed state will conserve your energy and allow you to punch much harder and more effectively. Conversely, being tense prevents energy from flowing freely through your body and prevents you from throwing powerful punches. Thus, when you are relaxed, you can hit hard without getting tired.
  2. Focus on the target. Do not take your eyes off your opponent or look down or behind him when you strike. At the same time, do not look at the place you plan to hit, as your opponent will have time to put up a defence. It is best if you look at your opponent’s shoulders or head.
  3. Exhale after each punch. When landing a series of punches, exhale in short bursts with each one, rather than all the air at once. Remember, proper breathing will conserve your energy and allow you to deliver crushing blows.
  4. Hit with your whole body. Adult boxing is all about hitting with the power of your whole body, which moves as one. Exhale and punch with your whole body, then your punch will do the most damage to your opponent.
  5. Keep your balance. When training in the boxing gym, make sure your feet are in firm contact with the floor. Do not lead with your hand or push into your opponent. To develop a sense of balance, practice your punches in a shadow boxing match rather than on a machine.
  6. Defend your guard with the other hand. The hand that is free from a punch should always cover the body and chin while being ready to strike back. Ask your boxing coach to point out improper guard.
  7. Pull your arm back. The punching arm should quickly go back and cover the vulnerable spot, but this should not be done too quickly so that the power of the punch is not affected. The more intensively you attend a boxing club, the quicker you will come to understand exactly when to return your fist to the starting position to achieve absolute invulnerability.

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