Urban Krav Maga Dubai

Blegend Gym’s Urban Krav Maga Classes in Dubai

Discover Urban Krav Maga program that blends the rich history and techniques of this self-defense system with modern training methodologies. It’s ideal both for beginners looking to learn the basics or an experienced practitioner seeking to refine your skills, our Krav Maga classes cater to individuals of all levels and abilities.

What is Urban Krav Maga?

Urban Krav Maga was founded by Chief Instructor and Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame member, Stewart McGill (pictured right), and Co-Chief Instructor Leo Negao, 4-time World champion in Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

The syllabus draws on many years of experience in the following fighting systems as well as various styles of Krav Maga: Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Traditional Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Boxing, Muay Thai, Vale Tudo and MMA.

We are an independent organization and no longer have any connections with Israeli organizations nor endorse, or otherwise, any Israeli government policy.

Our Urban Krav Maga Program Includes:

  1. Fundamental Techniques: Learn the basic strikes, blocks, and defenses essential for self-defense.
  2. Scenario-based Training: Practice reacting to common threats such as grabs, chokes, and weapon attacks.
  3. Fitness and Conditioning: Improve your strength, agility, and endurance through dynamic Krav Maga workouts.
  4. Sparring and Simulation: Test your skills in controlled environments to build confidence and adaptability.
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More Than Just Kicks and Punches.

Is Krav Maga useful in a real fight?

Krav Maga is a style of self-defense and martial art which is 100% focused on self-defense. There are no competitions, no patterns or katas, and no marching up and down the room doing traditional basics. When Krav Maga is taught well, by an experienced instructor, it is extremely effective in a street fight.

Is self-defense legal in Dubai?

The right to self-defense, as well as any act performed while exercising that right, are not treated and seen as crimes, according to Article 56 of the Penal Law. There is no crime if the act is carried out in the exercise of a valid right of self-defense.

Does Krav Maga make you strong?

Krav Maga training is very useful in improving the overall strength of your body. Apart from the physical aspect of learning the self-defense techniques, it also helps in sharpening your mind and gives you more confidence in yourself and in your ability to stay safe.

Is it hard to learn Krav Maga?

Although Krav Maga is easy to learn, it is difficult to master. The knowledge and basic skills you gain from Krav have saved many lives, but as with any other skill, it takes time to build a proper repertoire of instincts.

Is Krav Maga Barefoot?

For Krav Maga class, we don’t allow training with outdoor shoes on mats. You are welcome to train barefoot


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