Muay Thai in Dubai

Why does Muay Thai stands out?

Muay Thai, or “The Art of Eight Limbs,” is an dynamic martial art originated in Thailand as military training, has punches, kicks, and elbow strikes and advanced combinations as no other MMA styles, empowering your mind and whole body in ways you never imagined, gaining momentum in UAE for its robust workout, self-discipline attributes, and fitness benefits and If you’re curious about Muay Thai in Dubai, this post is for you,

Can I learn Muay Thai by myself?

While self-learning is possible, if you want to train in a fully integrated place, avoid injury while training, and become seriously skilled, choosing the right Muay Thai Gym in Dubai is crucial, as you get access to Top Martial Arts Artists who breathe this sport and bring their global competition experience and techniques to each personal training.

What are the benefits of practicing Muay Thai?

Whether you’re in it for fitness, self-defense, MMA, or swimming classes, you will enjoy incredible benefits such as boosting your energy, stamina, reducing anxiety, stress feelings, improving overall strength, confidence and enhancing cardiovascular health, but even the thrill itself it’s absolutely worth it.

Can I start Muay Thai with No Experience?

This is a thrilling journey for EVERYBODY. If you are a Beginner, don’t worry about your initial level or shape, but consistent practice will show your true potential.

How many days should I train in Muay Thai?

Beginners start with 2 times a week for steady progress, with at least 2 hours lasting classes. Intensity can be gradually increased depending on your level and personal goals.

First Steps to learn Muay Thai for Beginners

In your first classes you should focus on conditioning as you should be able to exercise progressively with minimal breaks, and then learn how to master foundation techniques, perfecting balance, footwork, and stance… to gradually increase intensity supported by your trainer.

Muay Thai Equipment would I need?

It’s always better to start getting during the process your own boxing gloves, Shinguards, handwraps for hygiene purposes that you can also check at Blegend shop

Where to take Muay Thai Classes in Dubai?

One of the most authentic and specialized gyms where beginners to pro fighters are growing rapidly while fostering an important MMA community in Dubai is Blegend Gym in Marina and Media City offering a variety of services for you.

Ready to Start?

If you’ve been putting off trying a Muay Thai class because you don’t feel ready yet – just go in, At Blegend MMA Gym in Dubai, you have a free trial class to get a taste of the action, including MMA, boxing, swimming, and fitness classes! And if you are wondering how to prepare for your first class, we’ve got you covered with tips to ensure you’re ready to roll.

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